Essay on The Between 1830 And 1850 Classical Dance

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Between 1830 and 1850 classical dance has evolved significantly from its early years in French aristocratic court life, but no other period in its history created such monumental change as the Romantic Era. Despite the brevity of this period, it created radical change and helped form ballet into what it is today. Its impact can be seen in simple changes to costuming and theatrical innovations, which made a significant and substantial impression on how the public perceived dance. These technological advances revolutionised the theatre going experience. Iconic themes that were generated by the likes of Marie Taglioni brought depth and emotion to what were previously one-dimensional storylines, along with the development of how the roles of men and women in dance went against the conformation of society. These factors helped shape the mid 1800s into what is now considered to be the most influential and prominent era in the development of classical dance.

The Romantic Era, as it later became known, was thus named due to the influence of romanticism throughout Europe in the 1800s. Reflected also in the art, music and lifestyle of that time, these years became known as Romantic due to the popularity of such a lifestyle. In relation to dance, it was not so much a transition from one type of classical dance to another, but more major developmental phase that helped ballet emerge as a completely different art form.
The Romantic Era can be described as a codified…

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