The Bet By Anton Chekhov Essay

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People often make bad decisions that makes them regret afterwards. For example,
People gamble and lose all of their money, make bets on things that they are not a hundred percent sure of. We can see such examples from people’s life experience and from many movies and various literatures. In the short story “The Bet”, Anton Chekhov wrote about two gentleman who make bet on whether life imprisonment or execution is more moral than the other. The lawyer, who went to prison tried to prove that going to prison is better than execution, later regrets making the bet. At the same time the banker who bet the lawyer would not stay in prison for fifteen years later regrets making that bet because the lawyer was so close to winning his prize. The author Illustrates how self-pride can lead to irrational thinking that often brings sudden bad decisions. This is clearly illustrated in the story by story protagonist’s self pride when making the bet around other people watching them, Lawyers grief in prison and the Bankers greed and regret. Initially, both the lawyer and the banker were very confident in what they were saying when they made the bet. They sounded as if there are telling nothing but truth but instead of being guided by rational thought, they were being guided by their emotions: “The banker, who was younger and more nervous in those days, was suddenly carried away by excitement, he struck the table with his fist and shouted at the young man ‘It’s not true! I’ll bet you two…

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