The Best Week For Learning For Me Essay

790 Words Dec 14th, 2016 4 Pages
This week has been the best week for learning for me. The different topics we have discussed have always been of interest to me as I try to figure out what part of life could be so bad they need to take their own life by committing suicide. I have experienced suicide in a traumatic way a few years ago. I lived in Georgia a few years ago, and the Walgreens I had worked at I had been at for quite a while therefore the employees were all one big happy family. I was the manager one day and one of my staff pharmacists walks in and says, I need to leave, my husband just killed himself. I had of course known this family for some time and could not believe what I had just been told. Her husband, a former police officer who had been a part of the Columbine shooting task force and now a chiropractor, had shot himself in the chest in his car in their driveway with his service weapon. Although the situation is not ideal, I could not help but wonder, is his life so bad that he felt the need to leave his family in this way? I personally feel that suicide is on the of the most selfish things a person can do. Regardless if they have left a note or not there is not enough closer in my opinion. However, euthanasia is quite different. While I see why many say that it is unethical, we really need to look at it from their perspective. They have been told they are going to die. They are the ones who ultimately have to deal with the never ending pain. It is, in the end, their right to decide…

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