The Best Way Of Technology Essay example

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The best way to improve technology is to encourage innovation. One of the worst ways to promote innovation is with patents. Patents not only don’t encourage innovation, but they promote patent trolls, stop any improvement on a particular aspect of technology for the duration of the patent. In order to improve technology and promote innovation, it is important to get rid of all patents on technology and to promote the use of open source. According to Thomson Reuters a patent is “A patent is an exclusive right given by law to inventors to make use of, and exploit, their inventions for a limited period of time”. The first patent was given to John of Utynam. He received this patent from England for a glass making process. For 20 years, he was the only one that could use this unique glass making process. That was the first patent and it soon grew and now there are millions of patents in the United States alone. Patents are theoretically supposed to encourage people to make new technological innovations. This is good in concept. What actually happens is different. One of the things it encourages is patent trolls. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation a patent troll is “A patent troll uses patents as legal weapons, instead of actually creating any new products or coming up with new ideas. Instead, trolls are in the business of litigation (or even just threatening litigation). They often buy up patents cheaply from companies down on their luck who are looking to…

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