The Best Time Of Year Essay

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Have you ever wanted to know what it was like being in an ambulance? Or maybe ever wanted to become instantly popular by getting an arm or leg cast for every cute girl or boy in your school to sign? These are a few thoughts that ran through my head from time to time as a kid. I remember one time my friend came to school and he had every kid in our grade around him like he was a movie star; just to figure out he was telling a cool story of how he broke his arm. To top it all off, he had this bright orange cast on his arm and every cute girl around him wanted to sign his cast. Right then I knew, one day I wanted to break my arm and get a cool cast like him. But there was just one problem: I knew it would hurt a lot and I would be out for sports, something I loved to do.
Summer, the best time of year for many people. No school, exciting vacations, and town fairs are just a few reasons why I and every kid enjoy summer time so much. I remember July 27, 2012, like it was just yesterday. The 27th was a cool Saturday night in the middle of summer, and it was time for the town Harvest Festival (a fair like event with just a few rides). The Harvest Festival was every kid and parent’s dream. The games are not rigged, easy to win, and most importantly, cheap. I cracked open my piggy bank and emptied out all the money. I sorted all the dollar bills into one pile and then sorted out all the dimes for my favorite game (the dime toss). As we were arriving at the Harvest Festival, my…

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