The Best Thing About College Essay

1049 Words Sep 29th, 2016 5 Pages
The best thing about college is that it grants you the opportunity to learn about a vast range of topics. Even when something is not part of your major, you can take a class that interests you. That is exactly what has brought me to this class. My major is Environmental Health Sciences, but I was attracted to this class because I love music. I do not claim to know much about music, but I do love it. I hope to leave this class with just a bit more knowledge on the subject. Perhaps I will appreciate music more after this experience. It is difficult to for me to determine if this class will be pertinent to my career in any meaningful way. Will I be able to apply anything I learn in this class to an actual job? The truth is, I do not know. Having said that, I believe that in the grand scheme of things, environmental health, liberal arts, and humanities have a lot in common. All those things are a different way by which we can understand the world. They are all about the human experience; they just go about it differently. When it comes to music, you can always go back to it and get a sense of what was happening at the time. The blues, pop, rock and roll, etc., they all represent different stages in American society. Music truly speaks volumes. Music is always at the forefront of everything. A person can always tie a memory, good or bad, to a specific song. For me, it can be my wedding song, a song that brings me back to my single days when I was out clubbing, or a song that…

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