Essay on The Best Practice Of Stakeholder Communications

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Many of these best practices identified by the Learning Executive Think Tank relate conceptually to the ideals espoused by Garvin in “Building a Learning Organization.” The advisory councils best practice bears similarity to Garvin’s emphasis on the Three M of Management. Management refers to providing practical counsel to subordinates rather than merely engaging in directive aspirations. In their discussion of this best practice, the advisory councils provide the forum where this practical counsel can occur. Managers work directly with subordinates on the advisory councils to ensure that the learning programs that are developed relate to practical needs. Similarly, the best practice of stakeholder communications confirms Garvin’s concept of the Three M’s, particularly meaning and management. Meaning must be defined in a way that makes sense to subordinates about what a learning organization actually is. The best practice of stakeholder communications could ensure that this occurs by requiring formal sessions in which managers meet with all stakeholders. The best practice of a quarterly development process bears similarity to the idea espoused by Garvin that half-life learning curves might not represent the best way to approach measuring progress. He notes that progress might be incremental and occurs over time. Similarly, the quarterly development process takes a long-range view of the learning organization. The emphasis is on cutting through the information overload to…

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