The Best Place For Photography Essay example

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It was 9’o clock in the morning. As I started walking through the place, it seemed beautiful. It was my first visit after I came to America. A great experience you get when you see something new or first time in your life. Never experience such kind of view as I step forward and move to side. A clear view of beautiful long words, and it was so far from where I was standing. And there were nine total words standing on the green mountain. The design and the creation of the building are good. A long green grass was everywhere. The area was so big. People from different countries were came to see the place. It’s also a best place for photography. One of the most known wonderful historical place to go because of the astronomer’s monument, influence history, and spectacular views.
There were many people who were walking around, and standing around a big long white creative statue in front of me for taking a pictures. When I first saw that statue, I was kept questioning myself that what is it? And why is it so important? I thought It just were six figures of some people. When I was talking to my mom about the astronomers, a girl named Sara who was standing near me told me that it’s not just figures. This are astronomer’s monument, who have a great history. Astronomer monument, a big sculpture with six greatest figures astronomers known in history. Each astronomer represent a history of all the time. As being said there are six astronomers. Hipparchus, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo…

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