Essay on The Best Packaging Is Not Packaging

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The best packaging is not packaging

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2013, Americans generated about 254 million tons of trash and recycled about 87 million tons, equivalent to a 34.3 % recycling rate. On average, we recycled and composted 1.51 pounds of our individual waste generation of 4.40 pounds per person per day (EPA). And even so, there are strong arguments against mandatory recycling, I find this EPA statistic and the obvious alleviation on global warming and all its effects to be equally persuasive. Waste prevention is possible in every life situation: in the home, at the office or at work, at school or on the road. We have it in our hands. Our top priority should be to avoid waste instead of causing it.
Taken the ecological benefit of recycling through the reduction of air- and water pollution and also greenhouse gas emissions, some might ask if recycling is economically worthwhile. Building new, more effective, recycling plants to process reusable products and upgrading existing waste processing facilities involves high initial costs and creates more pollution. John Tierney, a journalist for the New York Times, points out in his article “The Reign of Recycling,” recycling is not always cost effective and is an increasingly expensive way to produce materials and therefore the environmental benefits diminish. Giving the example of New York City, where the net cost of recycling by far outweighs the costs of simply dumping the trash in a…

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