The Best Moments Of My Life During A Mission Trip Essay example

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One of the best moments of my life was during a mission trip I was on with Matt and Trish, as well as the remaining youth group. For one week we traveled down to Knoxville, Tennessee where we helped various organizations and groups with building offices, volunteering at homeless shelters, and the moment that transformed me as a person. This was called “Under the Bridge.” What happens is, multiple homeless shelter organizations from around the city and state come together for one night and, under a highway overpass, they bring food, clothes, and necessities for the homeless community. The most vivid image I have from this experience was witnessing a man in ripped clothing and a hunched posture walk up to the speaker where Christian music was playing and he just began to dance. He was not worried about all of the other people around him nor the fact that he was indeed homeless. All he was concerned with was enjoying the sounds he was hearing and praising the Lord. For me this was probably the most surreal image possible. At that time and age, I was not fully in a relationship with Christ but rather an “I know who You are and desire to be closer to you” understanding of Him; I just was not positive on exactly how to achieve this. As soon as I saw what the man was doing, however, it was almost as if God just reformed something in me and from that moment on I began to strive to become a more attentive follower and to just dive into whatever God was wanting me to understand and…

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