The Best Man By Gore Vidal Essay

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“I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. You know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president.” Hillary Clinton said during the first presidential debate. The election of 2016 will not be forgotten anytime soon. With a surprising turn of events of Donald Trump somehow winning. Millions of American citizens are in anguish with these results. The Best Man by Gore Vidal, November by David Mamet, All the Way by Robert Schenkkan, and Crucible by Arthur Miller share similar themes with the 2016 election. First off, The Best Man represents the cunningness between candidates. Secondly, November shows the ridiculousness of the election. Thirdly, All the Way represents fighting discrimination. Lastly, the Crucible represents the fears of immigration and the Muslim refugees. These four plays typify the 2016 presidential election.
First of all, The Best Man by Gore Vidal relates to the election of 2016. The characters in the script have some similarities with the 2016 candidates. For instance, Joseph Cantwell and Donald Trump have comparable personalities. “So I have something to show you about your friend William Russell. It’s all in this file.”(35 Vidal) … “Now it’s all here Psychiatrist reports… everything. And don’t ask how I got it. My means might have been ruthless but for once I think you’ll agree the end was worth it.” (36 Vidal) At this point in the script Cantwell is revealing his plans to damage William Russell’s campaign.…

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