The Best Interpretation Of Literature Essay

1132 Words Jun 19th, 2015 null Page
This essay looks to discuss my assumption that the best interpretation of a work of literature is the author’s intention for the work, as it is the basis for the work. This paper criticises this assumption as it does not allow for a sufficient understanding of literature and since there is no way to prove that there is a best interpretation. The paper offers a new assumption to alleviate these problems which states that a set of interpretations which have sufficient textual evidence are the best interpretations of any work of literature. The first problem with this assumption, is that is doesn’t allow for a sufficient understanding of literature. The assumption states that the best interpretation is that of the author’s intention. As such, it implies that to know what a piece of literature is about is to know this interpretation. Since it is the best interpretation, it should best explain what the work of literature is about. However, if there is a best interpretation we know that there must also be other interpretations. Reading with the goal of obtaining the author’s intention, makes it so that these other interpretations can be overlooked, as they do not define the work to the same standard of the best interpretation. But reading like this makes it so that we do not sufficiently understand literature. Literature is a written work that brings together numerous values and ideas. All of these aspects help make the literature what it is. By only reading for the best…

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