Essay about The Best Interpretation Of A Dental Hygienist

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The best interpretation of a dental hygienist that I can conceive is a professional whose main job is to teach their clients the essential oral hygiene skills and provide dental care in order for the client to maintain their overall oral health. Among the various responsibilities performed for the client to insure their health and safety includes making sure, we, as dental hygienists first do not harm to the patient by contaminating with pathogens that could have easily been disposed of by simply following the standard rules of infection control. As stated by Ester Wilkins “Dental healthcare personnel have a professional obligation to serve all patients with comprehensive oral care, including patients with known or unknown communicable diseases. The practice of standard precautions means that the body fluids of all patients are treated as infectious” (Wilkins, 2013 p.60). The standard of the Clayton State Dental Hygiene program follow these guidelines. In this assignment I observed a senior dental hygiene student from beginning to end in process of giving a patient treatment. I will compare and contrast the procedures performed by the senior dental student and what I would do during the same procedure.
The first task I observed my senior dental hygiene student undertaking was the washing of her hands three times using soap and warm water without touching the sink. She then used paper towels to pat her hands down and then used them to mop up the remaining water around the…

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