The Best Graduate School For Me Based On The Final Score Criteria

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In this report I will discuss, analyze, and choose the best graduate school for me based on the final score of criteria ratings per 3 graduate schools of my choice. The purpose of this analysis, is to analyze three companies and evaluate them based on my goals and preferences, to determine which one will be best for me. The graduate schools I chose to analyze are State University of New York, Graduate School of Clemson, and Colorado State University. I chose these schools because they offer my program of study for a Master of Science degree in a field relate to Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
Evaluation Criteria
Before I chose a graduate school, I needed to determine what my criteria was. My criteria is the location of the school, tuition cost, and graduation rate. For location, I wanted to be as close to family and friends as possible as they are important to me. The tuition needs to be affordable and reasonably priced. The cost of tuition is important to me because I would like to be financially stable when it’s time to have a family and I would like to have the least amount of loans as possible so my credit score stays high. The last criteria which I find important is the graduation rate. I want to go to a graduate school with a high graduation rate and good reputation. Having a high graduation rate tells me that the school is very successful with moving their students down the right paths.
For the analysis I constructed a quantitative table. The table…

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