The Best Definition Of Leadership Essay

1470 Words Dec 8th, 2014 null Page
At the beginning of this half-semester class, we were asked what we thought the best definition of leadership was. My answer was as follows, “A person that has the best interest of the group/person in mind. To help others.” As I look back on this statement I quickly have realized what I have learned when it comes to being leader. You can either be a good leader or a great leader. I want to even extend past what a great leader is and become the best leader. I feel that this class helped me tremendously with figuring out what I need to do to be the best leader.

There were many books that we read this semester from Building the Bridge, to the Emotional Intelligence article, The Servant, Faith and Leadership, the book of Genesis, and Finding Your Way. All of the text’s that we read I was able to take a tremendous amount of skills and tools from. My favorite would have to be, The Servant. This was a book that really intrigued me the most and I think the one that left the most impact on me. After reading it I had so much respect for the main character that would give up everything, making tons of money, to go to a monastery and live as a monk. That honestly just baffled me. It baffled me in such a to motivate me to become a better leader. I feel that through this book he showed what true leadership was really about. He laid everything on the line to better others and help equip others to become the best leaders possible. To take the time to sit down and patiently deal with all…

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