The Best Days Of My Life Essay example

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What I thought would be one of the best days of my life turned out to be the worst. I was always the type of person that wanted to be wherever the crowd was at. So I spent most of my weekends at my high school football and basketball games. I never wanted to miss a game because I was afraid that I would miss out on something important. Then I would be forced to hear it from my best friends. When I would rather have my own personal experience of all the funny and exciting events that happened. But this one particular Friday I just wished I would’ve missed out on this one game. So it was one Friday my school played one of our rivalries. This was one of the biggest games of the season. Everyone was talking about how they would be attending over social media and in school. I really felt as if it was mandatory for my body to be present in the basketball gym that night. That whole entire week my friends and I conversations involved discussing about the game. We made sure that our outfits would be the hottest and our hair dues on point. It seemed like it took forever for Friday to come to pass and I was super excited it was finally here. There was nothing or no one who could get in the middle of ruining my plans. That afternoon around six o’clock my three best friends gathered at my house so we can all get dressed for the game. While getting ready we laughed, danced, did each other hair and make-up. We left my house around a quarter until seven because the game…

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