The Best Day Of My Life Essay

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Let me start by saying how delighted I am that mom and dad did not let me sell you in a garage sale all those years ago. The day you were born was the best day of my life because without even knowing it, I received my best friend. Being your sister has been the greatest blessing life has offered me. There is no one I would 've rather grown up and shared life with. My love for you is the most unconditional form and I promise no matter what happens you will always have me. I miss you every day when I am away at school and I appreciate all the snapchats that keep me in the loop of the everyday crazy-ness that is our household. I know you hate that mom and dad compare you to me a lot and you don’t enjoy your teachers calling you my name occasionally, but I don’t like that you are four years younger and many inches taller than me – so suck it up, “Seester”. In two years, you will be at a brand-new school where the professors will not know my name; you can make it. Mom and dad put a lot of pressure on you, but they just want the best for you. In a few short years, you will be away at school and you will miss them like crazy (sometimes). Although they get on our nerves and try to control our lives a little too much, they just want to protect us from the bad in the world.
I honestly cannot believe you are a junior in high school who drives her own car, will be going to prom and will be starting her stressful, overwhelming, yet so incredibly exciting journey of looking for…

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