The Best Daughter And World 's Cheapest Cup Of Coffee Essay

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Keith walked into Mars Investigations, ready to be met with the world 's best daughter and world 's cheapest cup of coffee. She didn 't usually beat him to the office on Saturday mornings, and truthfully he was a little worried about a trend where his seventeen year old daughter was putting in obscene amounts of overtime, and how many hours they 'd been spending apart. But that concern increased tenfold when he was met with Eli Navarro, known PCH-er, sitting next to his daughter on their lobby-room couch.

"Dad," The world 's best daughter smiled with a caught-in-the-cookie-jar twist on her face.

"Sheriff." Weevil nodded his head noncommitally. "I needed Veronica 's help with a math thing."

Noticing the pointed lack of math books on the coffee table, Keith took his cheap coffee into his office and Veronica smiled him all the way in, both knowing this was going to come up again.

"Remind me why I 'm here." Weevil glared and turned back to Veronica.

"Because you hate Lamb as much as I do and you wanna ruin his day? And you wanna know where Missy is?" It was thin, but Veronica hoped that 'd be enough for Weevil for now. She hadn 't exactly crossed him off her list of possibilities - Missy 's car had been found closer to Weevil 's than anything that made sense- and but she didn 't have to trust him to ask him for a favor. It was the beauty of their relationship, she marveled.

"Right. And him questioning me ruins his day how?"…

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