Essay on The Best College For This Type Of Doctor

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While choosing your career, you may have had plenty of options. Sometimes because you did not know exactly what you wanted to do or the many jobs could serve as back up plans. Although I would love to become an obestrician gynecologist, I do, however, have back up plans. Those backup plans include becoming a Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, an African American history teacher, or a Barber. The details of each of these jobs have been deeply analyzed and taken into strong consideration. I can see myself obtaining any one of these jobs, and being successful at each. As an obestrician gynecologist, I would provide care and guidance to pregnant women and also provide care to the everyday woman. Mammograms and other procedures are performed by obestrician gynecologist. The best college for this type of doctor is the University of California- San Francisco. Most students will acquire 8 years of college before starting the next stop. The average salary is $270,000. There are great benefits included in being an obestrician gynecologist which includes; 4 weeks of paid vacation a year, paid sick and maternity leave, disability insurance, and meals provided while on duty. To become this type of doctor, you must complete High School, complete an Undergraduate Program, pass a Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), complete medical school, complete residency, and finally obtain a state license. A second option is to become a Psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a type of physician that can treat,…

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