The Best Classes That Use Mobile Technology Essay

993 Words Oct 20th, 2016 4 Pages
The best classes are classes that use mobile technology. Mobile technology is any portable device that can connect to the internet. Whether I’m looking up research material for that paper due in English, emailing my school counselor about applications for college, or working on a Halloween project for the school haunted house, I’m using my smartphone. My smartphone is a little school companion. It holds example photos of that Spanish alter project, calendar dates for when papers are due, class notes on how molecule bonds are structured, and flashcards of those pesky drama vocabulary terms. When in class most of my teachers allow some time on our phones. They ask us to do group projects and look up facts. One time at Governor’s School, I got to participate in a QR Code scavenger hunt. We split into groups and picked a profession out of a hat. After that, we had to find a person to use for our hunt. We used our phones to scan codes that told us places to go. These clues also gave us tasks to complete along the way. We had to make a picture collage, make a podcast, and record a video. Then when it was all over we presented what we had found to the entire class. It was a great experience. It is a shame that most teachers do not take advantage of the mobile technology that students take with them everywhere. The integration of smartphones into the classroom has become a challenge in today’s society. Many schools spend enormous amounts of energy and resources on banning…

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