The Best Characteristics Of Nature Is Nurture In My Family

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Nature is Nurture In life, we wonder where do the best qualities that belong to us come from. Do we get them from our parents or are we a product of our environment? In today’s world, we most likely get them from both, but for this paper I am going to delve more into what makes me who I am. Hopefully through this essay I will be able to show who I am and where my most prominent features of both nature and nurture come from. This is going to delve more into my world than I let most people see but I am going to show how I came to be the person I today. Nature gives us some of our most predominant features. These are the traits we inherit from our parents and through our DNA. When you meet my family one thing you will notice about all of us is that we have a stocky build and very poufy hair. My parents both believed it was their German-Russian ancestors that gave us our broad shoulders and thick set posture. Another trait I was inherited was my very wild and untamable hair. It is very thick and most of the time has a way of doing its own thing. …show more content…
For as long as I can remember I have been told how I was stubborn as a baby and it did not stop there. This trait belongs in the Nature category, or at least it feels like it does to me. My family from my parents to my grandparents and even my great-grandparents are very set in their ways and stubborn. We get ideas in our head about what is right and we will fight for this belief for the rest of our lives. It is not one of the best qualities I have but it makes me passionate about what I see is right and just. So being stubborn has been both a blessing and burden for

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