The Best Benefits For Start Ups Essay

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Innovating ideas also need great team players to be successful. One of the greatest advantages for start-ups, is the credibility of the people involve in the project. While working on her MBA, she created a network of well-educated people, one to help her develop the business, another one, to research the science of freezing egg and the medical protocols and a last team to be on top any technological and scientific development for the company. She also established agreements with clinics to facilitate the process and had exclusive agreements with Biogenic, the main producer of Medicult and partner-up with the largest pharmaceutical company in the fertility industry. She also established an agreement with a financial institution to finance the cost for clients. The agreements and partnership established gave her a significant advantage in the industry. Although, She had competition with already existing fertility clinics that starting offering the same services, like the case mentions Viacell as a competitor for Extend Fertility. Jones knew that in order to be successful, she need it to surrender herself with the bests in the industry, something that seen she had no problem doing. As she responded, “we needed to make sure that we were surrounded by the leaders in the industry….by clinics like Huntington and Stanford and collaborators like Serono that would give us a huge halo of credibility. We needed to be leaders in research and development, and we needed to build the…

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