The Berlin Conference Of 1884 Essay

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The Berlin Conference of 1884 created and divided Africa into different European sections of control. The Conference was designed to set rules and guidelines that would allow the European powers to extract and capitalize on what they believed to be Africa’s full market potential. Africa being one of the last remaining untapped continents of colonization, the Europeans saw Africa as an opportunity to expand their growing industrial economies. However each European power dealt with their own collection of African territories with different intent, direction, and levels of control, creating a dynamic collection of colonialism that varied as different as the regions of Africa itself. By analyzing France and Germanys strategies and agendas in Africa, we are able to see the complexity and varying levels of success, failures, and the metropolis intent for their colonies. Before the Europeans could indulge in the untapped markets of Africa, the Berlin Conference of 1884 was set up and created guidelines called the Principal of Ethnicity (Houck 11/16/17). This designed in the spirit of a new wave of colonialism, that discouraged fighting amongst the Europeans, as it was seen as costly in not only lives, but also money and resources. The Europeans felt that by drawing territories and agreeing on the divided lands that it would in turn reduce violent competition and encourage productive economic competition (Getz 234). Five requirements were addressed in the Principal of Ethnicity;…

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