The Beng Yacht And Powercraft Design Course At Southampton Solent University

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The focus of this paper is to outline the final year dissertation for the BEng Yacht and Powercraft Design course at Southampton Solent University. The proposed focus of this dissertation is an investigation into the development of foils for the Multi50 class of offshore racing trimarans. The Multi50 class has been a cost-effective option in the world of high-performance offshore multihull racing, drawing the attention of smaller independent teams and larger professional teams alike. The Multi50 class rules limit the boats with a box rule and air draft and have previously disallowed the use of lift-generating foils. With many of the extremely high-performance yachts, and the media, exploring the use of foils, the Multi50 class has begun to discuss splitting the fleet to a modern, foil enabled class and a “Spirit” class of older, un-modified Multi50s.
The addition of foils to the class has already sparked development from both preexisting members of the class and outside members. Other offshore multihull classes including the MOD70 and ORMA classes have already made considerable strides in foil design. Due to the operating cost associated with these larger multihulls, the Multi50 is an ideal test bed for development. With the rule change, new boats and old boats will be testing foils and making changes to their platform. One of the major areas of concern for these teams will be the ability of the structure to cope with the loads of foils. Lift generating…

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