The Benefits Of Youth Competitive Sports

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There are thirty seconds on the clock, your team is down by two points. Number twenty-one shoots a three pointer….and it turns around the rim, circles through the net, and it goes right in the basket! Number twenty-one wins the game! Number twenty-one wins the game! Youth competitive sports are a great way to win your first trophy. Although some critics may argue that competition in youth competitive sports are damaging to young people, there are many reasons that show sports give children lots of motivation. Sports teach many life lessons that are important in life. Adolescents who play sports have improved self esteem and social skills. For instance, youth competitive sports can teach to have self respect or self esteem for yourself. In …show more content…
In the article titled, “What are the Benefits of Youth Competitive Sports?” it states that, “By playing sports, your child learns that she does not work alone, but she's part of a group that must cooperate to achieve a common goal” (Davis 1). This helps prove that children learn social skills by working together as a team, while also meeting a new friend. Another example from the article, “15 Reason Competitive Sports Are Great For Kids” it states that “Sports can teach him to be competitive, yet fair and honest. Learning to combine competitiveness with integrity will help your child cultivate meaningful relationships as he progresses through school, as well as throughout his adult life” (Josephson 1). This shows that adolescents who are playing sports can make lifelong friends who they share a passion with. One last example is from the article, “What are the Benefits of Youth Competitive Sports?” it states that, ”Yet another social skill that sports teach is that of being able to play fair. A game such as kickball, softball or baseball, for instance, will teach your child the value of waiting her turn” (Davis 1).This again proves that sports can teach many social skills like how to be fair with each other and children can learn how to take their

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