The Benefits Of Wind Energy

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Wind energy has been perceived as the next big energy source. Wind companies try to make consumers believe that this is the answer for the future, but research into wind energy demonstrates that coal or other forms of conventional power plants are needed. Coal plants have been shutting down due to the Clean Air Act, our country can not be sustained by wind energy. Some people speculate that nuclear should be the answer. Although wind energy is a well known renewable energy source, it has raised many questions as to how efficient the machine is, installation costs, efficacy, environmental issues, and, foreign control. Fossil fuels bring their own problems to the table but they can at least power our nation. It all starts with coal plants one of the oldest ways to generate electricity.
The first coal plant power plant was opened in 1882. Coal plants are very simple to understand. They use water and coal to produce electricity. The coal is used to heat a huge boiler that is full of water. This creates steam, which is pressurized and shot through multiple
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In the United States, the government gives grants to foreign wind companies. The money contained in the grants just so happens to be taxpayers money. It is hard to believe that taxpayers pay billions of dollars that get wasted on wind energy. It is hard to believe due to the fact that wind energy only produces four percent of the United States electricity. Denmark has over 6,000 turbines and yet no conventional power plant has been shut down. The reason why is because of the intermittency and variability of the wind. According to the Wall Street Journal Europe, only three percent of the nation 's energy is produced by wind energy. Which leaves 97 percent of our power is still fossil fuels. This means we still have no solution, nuclear energy could be a possible answer but it has one major problem that needs to be

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