The Benefits Of Williams Dining Hall

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Everyone has been hungry. There has been that one day, or one time where you could not just go into the refrigerator or the freezer and make something to eat. When parents send children to college, the parents believe that the good money they have paid will allow their children, the students who walk these halls, to eat satisfying food. This food, although not the healthiest, will allow the students to have a positive, productive college career as they matriculate through North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
The Café, or Williams Dining Hall, as it is formally known, is the only dining hall on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University. For many students, the Café is their only way to get food to eat at this university.
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There are several meal plans to choose from that give all students the opportunity to eat at Williams Dining Hall. The meal plans vary from 100 swipes at the Café, known as the Unlimited meal plan, to 14 swipes per week, and are solely based on how much the child’s parents, or the children themselves, are willing to pay for their child. The parents, or the actual individual students attending A&T, pay these amounts of money based around the assumption that their child, or the student themselves, will be able to maintain a regular eating schedule of 2 – 3 meals per academic day and maintain a rigorous collegiate-level course load, and balance their extra-curricular activities along with their socio-emotional life. With the volume of students, staff, etc. that attend school, the schedules of every student are not going to fit the perfect model to eat all three meals between each of the designated hours every day. There could be multiple sets of circumstances, including conflicting classes, where classes run through the dining hours, extra-curricular activities, outside organizations (SGA, University Choir, Marching Band, Greek Life), or social conflicts that detract from the student’s opportunity to eat food and socialize with peers at the Café. The hours of the Café are too restricted for students at North Carolina A&T State …show more content…
This company is how North Carolina A&T State University students receive their food. From chefs, to welcome attendants, to janitorial staff, Sodexo, Inc. runs the dining hall. North Carolina A&T State University also has two “alternative” solutions that the staff and administration at both the University and Sodexo, Inc. feel are already supplying all the student’s needs. Some members of the staff and administration state that the issue has already been resolved by the creation of Simply To Go and The Aggie Dome, which have extended hours for students who cannot make it to The Café for regular dining hours. This is a valid argument, considering what Simply and The Dome have to offer. Simply To Go is open on the underside of the Williams Dining Hall and serves sandwiches, salads, and one of the main entrees from what the Café has from lunch or dinner. The Aggie Dome is on the north side of campus, near the soon-to-be new Student Union, the Corbett Sports Center, and the General Classroom Building. The Aggie Dome inside, contains a Pizza Hut Express, Chick-Fil-A To-Go, Aggie Wings, and a sub place. However, there are many oversights the administration and staff have failed to realize. One of these fatal flaws is that Simply To Go closes at 10:00 p.m. It is very challenging for college students to eat “healthy” food from Simply when the students are studying 2 – 3 hours for each class. For example, a freshman

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