The Benefits Of Watching English Essay

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The benefits of watching English TV shows

Research Question:
Can watching English TV shows help to speak conversational English?

Review of Literature:
No matter how challenging it is, studying English is necessary to live this global village in that English is the universal language which is used all around the world including international politics, economy and sports and so on. While some learn English focusing on communicating, others learn for their own future such as going to college abroad, getting a good job and living in the English-speaking countries. However, most learners from countries who do not have a similar stress pattern of their mother tongues may feel discouraged when they speak English and have difficulty in pronunciation. Can watching English TV shows like movies or TV shows help them to speak 'real ' English?

According to Grindu (2013), learners can develop their English, in particular, speaking and pronunciation, though the English TV programs. This method is likely to work for everyone because watching and hearing at the same time repeatedly is a good way to learn how the native speakers speak and pronounce words. Grindu suggests that watching the news can be helpful as it offers very clear phrases and near perfect pronunciation, and he adds that it would be better to start with children 's programs that are clearer to listen, which is good for beginners.

FluentU (n.d.) seems to agree with Grindu 's opinion. They claimed that there is no better…

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