Veterinary Medicine: A Career As A Veterinarian

Veterinary Medicine
Most people in America have pets. Pets need to be taken care of. Because of this need, there is veterinary medicine and veterinarians. Veterinary medicine has evolved over time to require specific education, and it involves many types of specialties which result in different pay scales and opportunities.
In 9000 BC is everything began for veterinary medicine for Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Iraq. Later on, the Egyptians took their medical skills to make more achievements in the future (“A Quick History…” Online). The first veterinary school was found in Lyon, France in 1761 by Claude Bourgelat, and that’s when the profession of the veterinarian started. This school focused specifically
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They also take the animals, mostly dogs, outside so they can get their exercise for the day. They just need to keep an out for the animals if something bad happens (Field). There is the shelter manager. They hire people to work in the shelter and also supervise the place while making sure everything is fine. There are a lot of responsibilities in being a shelter manage. They get to make sure that the shelter animals are getting the right care and given food and water everyday (Field). All of these careers have different duties, but in the end, they are all dealing with animal care. After that, there is a pet adoption counselor. A pet adoption counselor reads the adoption rules and also handles the adoption paperwork. Also, they try to find a family a pet that they would love (Field). They usually are the first people to greet someone as soon as they come in the shelter. Once a family chooses a pet for them the pet adoption counselor needs to tell them about the animal’s history also how to take care of it …show more content…
it not the same like it use to be. Also veterinarians have more careers. More animals get opportunities to be taken care of and they are much healthier than back then. Veterinarians wage have risen up . There’s even more medicines for the animals. Now the animals can live a longer life. People are now taking care of their pets different than they use to. Being in the veterinary medicine field has a lot of responsibilities. Every career is different, but at the end it is dealing with animals. There a lot of things that people didn’t know about veterinarias, like what they have to do everyday. Also their like responsibilites. After all, a veterinarian help animals who don 't have a voice for themselves. It takes even more education to be a veterinarians. Things have changed but for the better not for the worse, at the end, they love doing what they study to

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