College Vs High School Case Study

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Although some people like to take a break between high school and college, I prefer the idea of attending college immediately following high school. As I have seen many benefits to this approach. The three most know benefits are higher understanding, more opportunity, and a supporting factor to better succeeding in their profession. All three of these important benefits open the mindset of a successful employee. With a higher understanding of education, I believe a student would achieve the ability to better time management, gain a border mindset, and more education to further apply themselves in a profession they are pursuing. The concept of time management comes from its definition to “maximize personal efficiency in the workplace” (Collins …show more content…
These supporting factors show how a university offers their students peer to peer educating, instructor coaching, and university endorsements to help construct a proper graduate on the road to success. Through peer to peer educating I believe a student achieves a strong alumni connection which both Molly Andersen, and I believe are “a great way to keep in touch with classmates, an excellent way to network with other alumni, and who knows; those connections could land you a job” (Andersen M, 2012). Additionally, instructor coaching helps mold a grad student that can persevere through challenges. Which professor Eric Bettinger, and I clearly believe that “coaching has a clear impact on retention and completion rates, and not only does coaching improve the likelihood students will remain in college, but expenditures on coaching are much smaller than the costs of other methods to encourage persistence in college” (Bettinger E, 2011). Amongst all of the earlier stated advantages of perusing a degree could easily be circumvented by underlining the importance of any endorsements on a university degree, as these outline the achievements of a student 's degree. As define by The Economic Times “Endorsements are a form of advertising that uses famous personalities or celebrities who command a high degree of recognition,

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