The Benefits Of The Room Plan At King 's College Essay

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At King 's College, there are many different dinning options available to its students and staff. Among those, some are accessible to meal plan and some aren 't. Those that are incorporated into the student 's meal plan include Marketplace, Zime, Connertons, and Susqehanna. Each institution serves it 's own unique menu of assortments, leading students to often pick a favorite or in my case, a dis favorite among the options. This assessment is due to the combination of varieties present or the lack thereof which includes the types of food available, the nutritional value of such foods, and the overall dinning staff and feel of the establishment. The dinning service I believe lacks the most in these areas is Marketplace. Marketplace can most easily be defined as a buffet. There are four stations, those being Hometown, The Grill, Sandwiches, and Healthy Choice. Each station serves different food each day, but stays consistent in its content. Hometown usually serves a type of starch, being pasta or mashed potatoes, as well as pizza or a type of seasoned bread. The Grill usually has French Fries, burgers, and hot dogs. The Sandwich Center is custom made, so you can have something such as a ham or turkey sandwich. Lastly, Healthy Choice usually has a type of vegetable and lean meat prepared. Now that you have heard what is served, try to cross out everything mentioned involving meat. This is the process every vegetarian, or vegan student at this school must do. Among the…

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