Space Race Pros And Cons

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In 1958 a program was created in America to work on winning the “space race”. America was the first country to reach the moon and now it might also be the first country to reach another planet. The U.S. is working on multiple projects as of now to be able to go to Mars, but the entire program is just focusing on going to Mars now. There are no funds to go into space anymore, and if Americans want to go into space they have to send astronauts to Russia. Sending our astronauts to Russia for them to send the men into space will only cost extra money, which adds on to America’s already large debt. While going to space isn’t going to fix Earth 's issues, the NASA program deserves more funding because the program explores other planets for medical purposes, receives less than other budgets, and provides protection for the planet. …show more content…
Eisenhower. The program was created during the “space race” between America and the Soviet Union. The “space race” was a race between the two countries in the 1950s and 1960s to see who could make the most progress in outer space. The Americans won and were the first to land on the moon July 29, 1959. It took NASA eleven years to go to space after the program was created. The starting budget for NASA in 1958 was approximately $89 million dollars according to NASA’s website. In 2015 NASA’s budget was $17.4 billion dollars which isn’t even comparable to other budgets funded by the States

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