The Benefits Of The Coca Cola Company Essay

1264 Words Nov 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Does a can of soda have enough influence to bring back harmony to neighbors that have been with complex with each other for over half a century? Realistically, the answer isn’t as easy as opening a pop like in the commercials, where everything just works out. However the attempt to restore relations, with the help of modern technology can bring promising results by restoring a little bit of human faith. The Coca-Cola Company has made a display that utilizes two high-tech vending machines. Each vending machine equipped with interactive capabilities, sizeable screens, and live streaming cameras. These vending machines were placed in two hostile bordering countries; Pakistan and India. For ages both of these countries have been divided by hate, barbwire fences, and unjust politics. These vending machines were specially designed to help people communicate and interact with one another, in hopes to restore human relations, and kindness even if just long enough to plant the smallest idea of peace. The Coca-Cola Company has accomplished a project which received an enthusiastic response from both territories. This project was not only successful and persuasive, but people actually had fun waving to each other. People had fun waving to each other, interacting by drawing smiling faces with touch screen, and of course sharing a coke with each other while enjoying the moment.

Unlike most advertisements and propaganda, this experiment featured ordinary people with their actual…

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