Kids Should Play Competitive Sports Essay

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Certain life skills have only been taught through competitive sports. Some sports teach more life skills than others. They have traditionally found, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, swim, and dance as the ones that kids find the most life skills in. One sport that has given kids great life skills is soccer. Many soccer games teach your children teamwork. In fact, your child gets to learn how to work with others, they could even make friends while working with others. With in the past few years kids have been learning to manage their time. This means that they are learning how to study, do there homework, and be on time to practice at the same time. Finally, while doing competitive sports you would also learn healthy lifestyles. This means that over the years kids who have been obese are getting the proper exercise by doing competitive sports. In fact, when playing …show more content…
Kids should play competitive sports.

One big reason why kids should play competitive sports is that they would learn great teamwork skills. Depending on if there parents let them play competitive sports, would determine on how the kid learns life skills. Kids would learn good teamwork skills while playing competitive sports. For example, when a child gets introduced to playing sports that are competitive they learn how to interact with others. This all help them make friends and learn how to work with others. They have to start this now because when they are older they would have to interact and work with others. For instance based on the article Benefits Of Teamwork in Competitive Sports it says “ Teamwork in sports promotes cooperation. Both children and adults can learn how to better cooperate with their teammates.” It also explains that working with a sports team is an excellent way to teach accountability. Kent McGroarty, the publisher states that “No sports team is successful without working together to reach a

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