The Benefits Of Social Media Essay

997 Words Jun 18th, 2016 4 Pages
In recent years, organizations and communities have been changing the way they look at social technologies. In the beginning, social technologies were adopted for private and public usage. However, the companies saw the potential to use this technology in order to have a mutual sharing and interaction. The application of social technologies “Enterprise 2.0” also helped employees to improve their knowledge management techniques. Social interaction within an organization helps the creativity, productivity, innovation and new product development to increase. Using social media within an organization increased the acquisition of relevant information as well as the work quantity and quality.
Knowledge management applications of social media are very beneficial for the companies, as well as the individual employees. The benefits of social media affect various levels of operation strategies and production process. Employees can communicate and collaborate with each other, exchange information and help one other when it’s needed. However, even though there are many evidences that these social technologies are beneficial for organizations, there is still no agreement when it comes to the methods, which can measure these so called benefits. This paper is based on the evaluation of the benefits of social technologies as well as the return on investment from social media. When it comes to using social technologies in an organization, there is a need to develop a methodology to analyze…

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