Two Forms Of Sexual Education

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The summary As I have learned about the increasing rates of syphilis in the Columbus, Ohio area, that sexual education may help with the numbers. The determining factors in helping include the unawareness of this disease. The percentages are differences in the numbers from the range of the numbers. From data, statistics, the highest recorded percentages were the age group of twenty to twenty-four years old. Sexual education can be taught with being vocal such imagery. These images can include charts and posters that can hung around building, wall and schools. This cans a learning tool to read outside the parameters of what people are telling them. This also doesn’t overbear anyone to make them sit inside a sexual education course, if …show more content…
This initiates to help them go to the clinic if they detect something is wrong within them.
Now that I agree that the two forms of sexual education is beneficial, the abstinent stance can help with faith based behavior. The effectiveness of sexual education in children. Some adults and parents believe that presenting abstinence has a lower chance of preventing someone to have intercourse. People as they live may make mistakes, so parents must understand that yes abstinent is a way of prevention, but also is a form of temptation. It is often hard to abstain from sex, particularly in the moment. There is often pressure from your partner or friends to have sex. This is why when teaching about sexual education is understand that dealing with temptation can be difficult for anyone to handle. The most common age group to contract an disease around one’s first encounter with intercourse. This happens around the age of 15- 22 years old.
Comprehensive sex education is effective at assisting young people to make healthy decisions about sex and to adopt healthy sexual lifestyle. The more a person has control of their life, the possibility they will seek out making the best decision. The STD

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