The Benefits Of Running

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Register to read the introduction… Having a stress free life is impossible, but having a stress free day is possible through running. The silence with only ambient sounds of nature and the “pitter patter” of one’s footsteps seems to have a calming effect. I have had days where my dark side was going to be let go to wreak havoc on the world, and there is only one way I can get rid of it, running. Anger fuels me as I race out the door and take everything out over the next hour. My heart pumps rapidly as I take off down the road. My lungs find a rhythm of breathing and I can feel the anger slowly leaving my body like a pulse from each slap of a foot. According to, “after 20 minutes of exercise the brain starts releasing epinephrine and endorphins into the system, which lower tension and help stress stabilization.” So for only 20 minutes a day one can begin to relieve stress from something that can usually cause …show more content…
Those who do say that have a good point. After all, one is just moving quickly down a long, straight, unchanging asphalt road with no electronics to play with or nothing to eat or drink. They do not understand that running is very versatile and the possibilities are seemingly endless. One can run inside or outside, alone or with a group, or just on a different route. While running inside at home or local YMCA, one can usually pick among hundreds of channels on the televisions stationed in front of the treadmills. Just changing the scenery while running can be enough to get one out the door. Going on the same route everyday is torture, and switching it up can be a good way to explore the neighborhood around oneself. Running in a group can be entertaining and can pass the time more quickly than normal, and the influence of the group gets one to work harder than usual. I can explain this with a short story of me running with a group of colleagues. When I was running with them I had the urge to stop, for my legs were feeling terrible. They encouraged me to continue on and to finish without stopping, even it meant slowing down. I begrudgingly continued on with the pain and suffering, but they stayed with me the whole way. My pain seemed to fade away while talking with my friends, and the end came so quickly it surprised me. If it were not for my running buddies, I would have stopped miles before the end and would have given up on myself. Even without them, there are others around me, people driving, walking, and biking past that are with me. Marc Parent says in his article, “A Mile in His Shoes,” that “You may run by yourself, but no matter how early you start, no matter how remote your location, you never run alone.” It is true in a way, for one is always with his or her

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