The Benefits Of Raising A Vegetarian Child Essay

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The Benefits of Raising a Vegetarian Child In the last decade, many Americans have transitioned to a vegetarian diet. With this shift, they have also transitioned their children into these diets as well. This change has been very controversial because most think that children will not receive the correct nutrition on a vegetarian diet. In the article “Against Meat”, written by Jonathan Foer, the idea of raising children vegetarian is discussed a great deal. Jonathan Foer is an American Novelist. He now teaches creative writing at New York University. Foer is best known for his novels Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which were both adapted into films. The article “Against Meat” is from Foer’s book, Eating Animals, which appeared in the New York Times in 2009. Foer discusses why it is a good idea to raise a child vegetarian, but does fully cover why. Raising a child as a vegetarian is more beneficial then raising a child on a meat-based diet because the child will not be as susceptible to diseases, many myths about vegetarianism are false, and there are health benefits of vegetarianism. Children raised on a meat-based diet are more susceptible to diseases caused by meat than children who are raised vegetarian. In the article “Food: Can kids live without meats?”, written by Zoe Chamberlain, it discusses the many diseases caused by a meat-based diet. The article “Food: Can kids live without meats?” is from the Sunday Mercury, a Sunday…

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