The Benefits Of Prenatal Genetic Development

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For decades doctors have been conducting prenatal genetics tests that show if the unborn child has any abnormalities. The results of these tests could cause parents to make hard decisions concerning their unborn child, such as abortion. New technology has provided an alternative for parents who are faced with unforeseen circumstances concerning their child. This technology allows them to change the coding of their child’s DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic makeup of all living organisms) to avoid having diseases or disorders before they are born. Recently, there has been more cases of parents taking advantage of this new technology by altering the cosmetics of their unborn child. The new technology that is still being discovered is defined as, “A baby whose genetic makeup has been …show more content…
For many, IVF may be their last chance at having a family. The process that IVF goes through is the retrieval of an egg cell from a woman 's ovaries that then gets placed into a petri dish and an incubator where it is then fertilized with a sample of male sperm. With IVF, they use multiple egg and sperm cells to increase the chances of fertilization and the creation of a baby (Campbell). While many go through the process and just get the embryos (egg cell that is fertilized with a sperm cell) implanted, others will have the embryos tested, also known as, “The process of selecting the traits and characteristics of children is also known as Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), and here the embryo is checked for genetic deficiencies before it is returned to the mother 's womb.” (Thadani). Parents are able to test their children before they are implanted into their uterus, which allows them to pick the type of child they want to conceive. Being able to select specific parts of their child’s DNA alters the original meaning of

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