The Benefits Of Poor Health In College Students

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College; it can be a scary, yet exciting journey. While intimating, it can provide a chance to get out of one’s comfort zone, and through the experiences one can be slowly pulled out of their hometown bubble. For example, living with a new roommate, navigating through campus, or dealing with time management all contribute to a challenging adjustment. However, one of the biggest concerns college students experience is the struggle of maintaining one’s health. While staying fit throughout college is an arduous and demanding task, it is vital for students to be conscious of the dangers of inadequate fitness and personal wellbeing. The problem of poor health in college students can be overcome by the general public awareness about simple daily …show more content…
For most students, college is the first time as young adults that they are out on their own. The mind-boggling tasks of doing laundry or cleaning a sink can put an overwhelming stress on first year college students, not to mention the more challenging Gen-Ed courses and graduate class work. Additionally, these problems have roughly contributed to 36.4% of student’s depression and anxiety (Top 5 Mental Health Challenges Facing College Students). Subsequently, this puts a strain on young adults, and countless students seek a way to relieve stress by turning to their peers by participating in underage binge drinking. Likewise, more than 150,000 students develop an alcohol-related health problem and 25% of college students have reported academic consequences as a result of their alcohol consumption (College Drinking). In addition, even though students tend to have extra free time, more often than not, students do not obtain the two and half hours of exercise recommended a week, which consequently, adds to poor health. Although there are numerous problems that college students face, there are constantly a variety of

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