The Benefits Of Physical Activity Essay

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The Benefits of Physical Activity Human body is designed for physical activity. Otherwise, people all over the world face various health issues in terms of obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancer, muscle weakness, and even depression. Moreover, active people usually enjoy better life expectancy. Physical activity is a key factor for improving the life expectancy and its overall quality. Obesity is sometimes called “the greatest epidemic of the 21st century” because the percentage of the obese people all over the world grows day by day. The number of the obese people grows both in the developed and developing countries. Hence, obesity is not only about high fat and high sugar food. Obesity is about physical inactivity as well. The analysts of the UK Weight Management Center called obesity the factor of “a public health crisis” in 2010. In other words, obesity caused by physical inactivity poses threat to the viability of the public healthcare industry as well. Physical inactivity triggers a chain reaction, forcing people to compensate the lack of the so called 'happy hormones ' with a help of delicious high-fat and high-sugar foods. Ischaemic heart disease, or coronary artery disease, is a world 's top cause of death, killing more than 7 million people every year ("The Top 10 Causes Of Death"). 7-12 percent of the ischaemic heart disease cases are directly linked to physical inactivity (Kivimäki 1491). Simply put, about 700,000 people die worldwide due to…

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