The Benefits Of Paying For A College Education

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We live in an age where a college degree has almost become necessary in order to compete in today’s workforce. Many jobs will not even consider someone for a position unless they have some kind of degree from a university, community college or a trade school. Whether you are a high school student, a displaced or laid off worker starting over with a new career or just needing to further your education in your chosen job market, the decision to go to college can be overwhelming. With the cost of college increasing every year, students may feel that the only way to get an education is to go into debt. However, all college students should take the steps necessary to graduate with little to no debt.
Paying for a college education can be one
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Save money by eating at home and taking your lunch with you to school each day. Limit eating out or getting together with friends to once or twice a month. Shop at thrift or resale shops for clothing or shoes. Use a debit card instead of credit card. This not only saves students money they don’t have, but it will eliminate the interest charged for the use of the credit card. Use coupons to save on things like shampoo, soap, food or anything you can find coupons for. The coupon savings add up over time. Bob Powell stated in his article, How to handle your student loans while you’re still in school, “While you’re in school, Pelletier also recommends using strategies to reduce the amount of debt you incur. Those include budgeting your expenses, working part time in college, full-time in summer, avoiding peer-pressure spending, and treating a credit card like a ‘loaded gun.’” (Powell) Buying used or renting your textbooks can help you graduate college with little to no debt. Many bookstores and websites like Amazon offer textbook rentals for half to a third of the cost of buying them. If a student has to buy the textbook, find a used copy if possible. Only buy new textbooks if there is no other choice. Another way to save money is to see if another class mate wants to share the cost of the textbook if they are taking the same course at the same time, if they have already taken the class, or will be taking the class later. That saves money for both students when they share the cost. With creative thinking a student can find ways to many ways to save money. Students that limit their amount of student loans and by creating and staying on a budget will save money to pay for college and graduate with little to no

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