Essay about The Benefits Of Outdoor Play

1941 Words May 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
After reading and researching I found out that the theorists I originally wrote about in my planning stage were still relevant. By doing further research I found out that there were other theorists which were more compelling. I made a change to one of my objectives as I thought it would be more effective because then I could show the results of what the practitioners views were.
1) I completed a literature review and I read a lot of books and done research on various websites. I found out some interesting information about the benefits of outdoor play. It puts into prospective what the benefits are and the impact it has on children in early years. I found out a lot of interesting information from my placement. By doing this I was able to evaluate my findings and results, then put all the information together.
2) I completed a policy review while in my setting and looked over all the policies which were relevant to outdoor play and I gathered a lot of information from the policies. It was interesting to look over all the points in which relates to outdoor play and how it benefits the children’s social and physical development. The nursery policy for outdoor play is to let practitioners and parents/carers know exactly will happen while the children are outdoor even on trips. It also states that depending on the weather what is appropriate to have at nursery e.g. sun hat/ sun cream on hot days and waterproofs/ jackets on rainy and cold days. It lets parents/carers…

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