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Nuclear Energy From flipping a switch to see the other end of your room at night, to developing this very document, electricity is a necessity humans in our country may simply never live without. We’ve learned to adapt to a society that has only taught us how to utilize its purpose, but are rarely taught about the consequences caused by generating the electricity through coal mines, and that there are alternative options to save our planet. Nuclear energy is alternative energy source that could save life in the future by producing less pollution in the atmosphere.
Uranium was formally discovered in 1789, in Berlin, Germany by Martin Heinrich Klaproth. Klaproth was studying the mineral pitchblende, which was Uranium with oxygen also
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According to the article “Nuclear Power Plant Security and Vulnerabilities”, Mark Holt and Anthony Andrews explained, “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) made a rule to make strategies to ease any fire and explosions from aircraft crashes or other accidents.” Also, the NRC increased cyber security to prevent any worms or viruses in the analog systems. Although Nuclear Power is considered to be safe and very rare when an incident happens, it had many problems around the world and caused issues. In the article by Simon, it is stated that there are up to seven levels of nuclear accidents. In level I there is some overexposure to the area from the nuclear incident. In Level II, there would be radiation in the whole work area, but in a confined work area. In Level III, there would be severe contamination in the work, but a small chance of exposing it to the city or other areas. Level IV could cause death, more chance of spreading radiation and cause diseases. In Level V, several deaths could occur from the amount of radiation released and exposed in a large radius. Level VI may cause many deaths and would require a plan to evacuate that area to clear up the mess. Finally, Level VII would release a large amount of radiation, widespread of health issues, and problems with the environment. An example of a Level VII accident is in Chernobyl, Ukraine in …show more content…
First is the Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) and Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) (Metcalf 46-47). Each nuclear reactor contains layer for safety. A common reactor now has at least eight layers that consist of a pedestal, a six-foot thick concrete with one-inch thick interior and exterior lining, wire wall, one-and-a-half feet thick concrete and twenty-four feet tall, a reactor fuel, a reactor vessel, bio shield, four-foot thick leaded concrete with once-inch interior and exterior steel lining, dry well wall, a metal reinforced two in a half diameter steel rods and five foot thick reinforced concrete, containment vessel and a shield building wall (Metcalf 50). Fuel rods are a hollow rod filled with Uranium pellets which are lowered into the vats of water from Alex Rich and Tom Warhol’s article. According “Accidents are rare,” Said by Bryan Walsh in Times article. In that conclusion nuclear energy is safe in the long run due to less air pollution then other resources for

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