The Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

1398 Words Oct 21st, 2016 6 Pages
The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana A new culture fueled by a large cloud of smoke has emerged in the last 50 years. It is changing the way Americans think. Most rap artist rap about it, Bob Marley created a red, green and yellow image around it, and now the State of California and Colorado are making headlines with it. Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug used in the United States of America (Nathan, David L., 2013). Alcohol and tobacco are completely legal, where marijuana is not, not even for medical use only. Eighteen other states, including Washington, DC have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Marijuana is actually a lot healthier than you think, unlike tobacco and alcohol, which is legal, killing people and making people act out of character; but when it comes to marijuana it helps people who are in pain, cancer patients, and people who have high anxiety (Nathan, David L., 2013). Marijuana is illegal yet tobacco and alcohol are clearly more harmful. There are no studies nor cases showing that marijuana has caused serious health problems like alcohol or tobacco products. The most common problem attributed to marijuana is frequent overuse, which can cause lazy behavior, but doesn’t cause serious health problems. The safety of marijuana versus alcohol and tobacco are not new claims, but for the first time, researchers measured the potential harm of these drugs in a more quantitative way by comparing a lethal dose to how much of the substance is…

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