High School Sports Benefits

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Imagine a world without high school sports. In this parallel world, thousands of students across the country would have already lost interest in school, dropped out, and would have little to no hope of getting out of their current economic circumstances. In this world, there would be no communities or students uniting together to support their local athletes on a Friday night. In this world, there would be no immense feelings of satisfaction and victory after a team’s hard work, endurance, and personal overcoming of weaknesses. In this world, there wouldn’t be many of the great opportunities and experiences that come from high school sports. Many people have the opinion that schools should eliminate their support/sponsorship of athletic programs. …show more content…
In an extensive study published in the Journal of School Health about the correlation between youth sport participation and behaviors, it’s conclusion stated, “Overall, the study found that advantages of sports include: Weight control ,Problem-solving skills, Self-esteem, Social competence, [and] Academic achievement, And sports can lead to reduced rates of: Juvenile arrests, Teen pregnancies, [and] School dropouts,” (“Benefits”). This information supports the point that sports supply benefits to multiple aspects of life. These noted behaviors are very crucial to posses in order to have a successful life, because they can be applied to a vast variety of areas in life, such as jobs and everyday life events. There is also a proven correlation between exercise and mental health. Statistical evidence of the difference between the mental health of those who are physically active opposed to those who are not physically active include: an over 10% decrease in general unhappiness, over 10% decrease in suicidal thoughts, and a nearly half the percentage of suicidal actions, all for those who are physically active (“Facts”). This shows that sports aren’t only good for the body, but for mental and emotional health as well. Mental and emotional health should be watched and cared for just as much as physical health. The many benefits of sports can carry over to one’s career …show more content…
Thousands of students stay in school and have the opportunity to further their education solely because athletics. Vast communities show and feel a sense of camaraderie as they support their local athletes. Students learn and overcome their weaknesses to discover their capabilities, and feel the elation that comes with accomplishments. High school sports should not only be allowed, but encouraged because it is a major solution to the growing obesity epidemic in America, it offers students opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get, sports have proven life-related benefits, and encouraging youth to participate in school-associated activities will increase their likelihood of becoming active adults. One of the great principles the United States of America was founded upon was the idea that all men (and later women) would be given the opportunity to succeed and make something of themselves. America is the land of opportunity, and high school athletics is just one of the amazing opportunities Americans have so that they can better themselves. Yet for some, athletics is the only pathway for them to succeed in life, and their chances can’t be taken

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