The Benefits Of High Meat Diets

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Meat, we have been eating this nutritious and protein packed food since man learned about its tastiness and nutritional value centuries ago when our primate ancestors were still dragging their knuckles on the ground. The only thing that has changed from then to now is that back then, news only traveled as far as someone could yell and now days we have a communication system that is so surreal that news can travel around the globe in the matter of nanoseconds and as anyone knows, bad news always travels faster than good news. The common concerns with people and red meat now days is that people are uninformed about its’ exceptional nutritional value, that no food has ever been linked to cancer, growth supplements don’t make it into the human body, or that humans aren’t made to consume meat. A person who consumes a high meat diet more than likely is also consuming a high amount of protein in their diet. A high meat diet does have a good amount of benefits for a person with a very active life style or someone looking for a diet, combined with …show more content…
A person that keeps to a high protein diet, like lean meat, has shown to increase weight loss and fat loss, an experiment shows from a six month period experiment. This is thought to happen due to effects that include increased satiety from protein, decreased subsequent energy intake and the displacement of carbohydrate in higher-protein diets. Several of these mechanisms have to work together in some way that are interrelated. (Noakes, 2005) For keeping weight off, it is as simple as keeping a balanced and high protein diet while keeping active at the same time. Although the reason behind the protein that is responsible for weigh loss isn’t fully understood, a high protein diet does increasing insulin sensitivity which in turn decreases body fat. (Belobrajdic,

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