Essay About Going Away To College

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Going to college is not always just, about what is learned in the classroom. In “College’s Value Go Deeper than the Degree, Graduate Says” Eric Hoover writes of the experience some gradates’ had and how those experiences affected their lives more than the classroom experience. No one can argue that going away to college helps students’ to learn who they really want to be. In college, we have the opportunity to create contacts, hone our skills, and grow into our selves. He uses these experiences to convince readers’ that going to college goes well beyond the degree.
The contacts students make while in college can be very beneficial to them after the graduate, especially in assisting with employment and furthering a student’s career. Financially
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Leaving home and going away to college allows students to learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible. Like with Vanessa Mera, in her interview with Hoover she stated, “In college, you come in thinking one thing about yourself and you leave thinking in a completely different way.” In college, students have the opportunity to make new friends that help guide and mold them into the people we will eventually become. Out on their own and away from their parents, students have the opportunity to make their own choices as well as deal with the consequences those choices may sometimes have. These choices allow students to find the confidence within them to know that they are able to stand on their own two feet. Having the opportunity to work while in college will allow them to gain a financial freedom that only comes from being responsible and paying their own way. For a college student to learn who they are is priceless. Self-growth may well be one of the most important lessons the college experience will ever teach. For students, the College experience is so important. The contacts they make, the skills they gain, and the self-growth they obtain show more than anything that the college experience goes well beyond the

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