Essay about The Benefits Of Genetic Engineering

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World Book Student defines genetic engineering as “techniques that alter the genes (hereditary material) or combination of genes in an organism… Beginning in the 1970’s, scientists developed ways to reintroduce individual genes into cells or into plants, animals, or other organisms” (Rubenstein, 2015). Genetic engineering is a controversial subject not only in science but also in popular culture. Some research, such as stem cell research, has led to serious questions concerning ethics. Other research, like the creation of genetically modified foods, has led to protest from those worried about potentially harmful effects on the environment and on the organisms that consume the foods. However, genetic engineering has led to many scientific breakthroughs and advancements in the medical field. For this reason, the benefits of genetic engineering far out way the disadvantages. Not all genetic engineering is extremely technical or difficult, in fact, high school students can insert the pGLO gene into bacteria within a few class periods. The purpose of the pGLO transformation lab is to teach students how to perform genetic transformations. According to Bio-Rad’s lab manual, genetic transformations is process of inserting “a gene into an organism in order to change the organism’s trait.” In this particular lab, students will be taking the pGLO gene, which makes the protein Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), commonly found in a species of jellyfish, which glow (N.d., p. 32).…

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