Benefits Of Free College Education

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Why not Free?
Over the course of the years many cuts have been made in colleges and universities causing tuition prices to raise. Many people have very strong opinions on this issue. Some politicians have proposed their approval in making it more affordable for students who want to pursue their dream to do so, with a plan that promises to find a solution, but others completely disagree. Having a free college education for students would bring many benefits because it would help students reduce student loans, benefit the United States economy and there would be a more educated society.
Getting and education is not always an option, but thankfully in the United States students and adults are given the right to attend public institutions, for
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And not to mention that so many others have already attended college and universities and have either a bachelor’s degree or a degree in a specific field. They too had to work very hard to achieve their dreams and goals. By providing a free college education to students, we would be sending the wrong message to not only current generations but to future ones as well. A message saying that there is no need to work hard to get far in life, that there is no need to invest on any education. If free college education were given students would lose their motivation of working hard and getting somewhere in life. There would be huge gaps in the society where students would not get the opportunity to get a little struggle to achieve what they want. If so many have already done so why can’t future generations do it too. Besides there are other ways to pay for college. According to, the federal student aids the U.S. department of Education awards about $150 billion a year in grants, work-study funds and low-interest loan to more than 15 million students. There multiple opportunities to pay for college for example with scholarships, grants, work study, state government aid, aid from a college, and from nonprofit or private organizations. Many of those people who have already attended college and are currently in debt because they had to take out a loan, but taking out a loan is not the only option in …show more content…
Having a free college education has many positive and negative benefits but something that is agreeable is that a free college education could help many students because it would help with student loans, benefit the United States economy and there would be a more educated society. Not only have past generations already accomplished their dreams in continuing their education but so can future ones too. Don’t let the high prices of an education stop the many dreams. It’s worthwhile a college education and degree. Something that we can all agree is that the future is at stake and that and getting and education is one if the factors that could determine the direction this country is going to take in future years to

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